sticky bomb gun
I’ve made the Sticky Bomb Gun from 2008’s The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale, directed by Christopher Nolan. Used in the Hong Kong scene as well as the construction site scene near the end. This is the (nearly-finished) version 1.0 of the work covered in: The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb […]

Finished 3D-Printed Sticky Bomb Gun Replica Prop from The Dark ...

It’s been awhile since the last update on the Batman vs. Superman DOJ foam armor build, but hey I’ve been busy, and also very sleepy. And this is a lot harder than I thought it would be. I don’t know if it’s the files I’m using, or my technique, or both, […]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice EVA Foam Armor – ...

So – I’ve been working on improving upon my design on the Sticky Bomb Gun from The Dark Knight (TDK), as I really don’t want this to be a static prop – I want it to be able to fold up and expand out, just like in the movie! I […]

The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun 3D Printed Build – ...

Ok small update on the Sticky Bomb Gun build – I printed out more parts, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to slice them differently before sending them to the printer. I don’t want to have any “weirdness” depending on what part lays against the print bed, and depending […]

The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun 3D Printed Build – ...

I’ve been working on a Sticky Bomb Gun prop from 2008’s The Dark Knight since about 2011, but never made any real progress in the past. I first started the design using SketchUp (when it was still a Google product) by looking at pictures, etc. The 3D model wasn’t great, […]

The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun 3D Printed Build – ...

superman cape
I never really liked the Superman cape on my Superman Returns costume. The cape in the movie looked good enough, but it wasn’t quite regal-looking, which is something I think really looks great for Superman. It was kind of short, light, and it seemed like they didn’t even care that he […]

A bigger, BETTER Superman cape

black white superman face 1
I’m half black. There, I said it. Phew! What a load off! Wait, what? You’re wondering what the other half is? Ha ha well it’s white! That’s why I am just so damn tasty — I’m an Oreo. A mulatto, if you will, although I never really liked that word […]

Don’t Let Racism In Cosplay

EVA Foam Batman Armor build 4
So – I decided one day I wanted to get into foam costume building, since I’ve seen some of the amazing things people have created from foam! PLUS, looking at the average cost to have someone cast the parts for an Iron Man suit – in plastic resin – is […]

Building the best EVA Foam Batman Armor – Part 1

batman voice modulator 1
As I was telling someone recently about a bat-appearance I made, they asked “Did you do the voice too?”. I said “No, not really … ” of course. I think I’ve kind of tried in the past to have a lower, deeper, maybe more raspy voice when in costume, but it […]

Batfleck Batman Voice Modulator Idea for the Batsuit