How to avoid lines at DCC ’16

No, not really. But kinda. I want to avoid lines as much as possible at Denver Comic Con 2016.

This weekend – starting Friday – is going to be my first comic con ever and I am definitely excited about it. From all the lovely pictures all over the Internet following each big con, I know there is going to be some serious cosplay. I also know there are going to be a few celebrities, guest panels, items for sale, etc. etc. 

What I’m truly unprepared for is the glut of people and long lines that I will inevitably be forced to stand in, whether I’m a force-wielder or not. It might make me a bit … irritated. And I’m sure the same is true for anyone else going (and reading this)! So the question is: what are the tips and tricks? How do we circumvent all these huge wastes of time and get to the action?  

avoid lines at DCC '16

He had to stand in line for over 15 minutes! I can’t believe it either!

Denver Comic Con 2016 is from June 17-19 this year, and is hosted at the Denver Convention Center. The venue is great, and big, and large, and also spacious! However, I’m guessing there will be 125,000+ in attendance and it is going to be packed to the gills.  I think the wife and I drove by the Convention Center last year during comic con just to catch a glimpse of all the people in costume. I feel like I remember seeing a lot of people waiting, including stormtroopers standing out in the rain. Couldn’t some First Order Flametroopers easily avoid lines? Heh heh maybe not. Either way, last year saw record attendance and I’m certain that trend will continue this year which will make for some big queuing up activity!

avoid lines at DCC '16


Plus, if I’m going to be wearing an incredibly hot Kylo Ren costume in the June heat, I certainly don’t want to be waiting around outside. Sure, the wife will be keeping it cool – just like on Jakku – in her super-trendy new Rey costume. Lucky! But like I always am telling her: what about me!? And I’m certainly not the only Kylo who will be there. Will there be a pile of overheated Knights of Ren in the gutter right outside? We definitely don’t want to get heat stroke or something waiting to just get in or catch a glimpse of Agent Coulson. Although that might be worth it, there’s got to be a better way. 

I believe the hotel we’re staying in is nearby which will allow for easy retreat if needed, but what if we want to go full-Force? What are ways to bypass the crowds and just get in to check out all the awesome costumes? I mean that’s what’s really important and why I want to go in the first place. That’s why I’ve spent countless working hours checking out all the 50 Deadpools that showed up at SDCC or 30 minutes watching some British guy’s Hulkbuster build. It’s freaking cool, and I want to see it.

But I don’t want to wait forever. 

So tell us all – in the comments – HOW? What are the best ways to avoid lines and get to the good stuff at Denver Comic Con?

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