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Batfleck Batman Voice Modulator Idea for the Batsuit 1

As I was telling someone recently about a bat-appearance I made, they asked “Did you do the voice too?”. I said “No, not really … ” of course. I think I’ve kind of tried in the past to have a lower, deeper, maybe more raspy voice when in costume, but it just doesn’t work out. I end up sounding weirder than Christian Bale! But you know who did it right was Batfleck. He didn’t even try, they just added the ol’ Batman voice modulator to his suit via a throat mic, and it sounded awesome! So couldn’t I do that to?

Yes, yes I could.

For reference, here’s Batman’s voice from Batman v. Superman. Notice how it sounds intelligible, not silly, but is other-worldly and intimidating at the same time:


I’ve already done the Kylo Ren voice thanks to a $37 upgrade to my helmet, and it sounds great! I’m thinking I could probably use the same voice changer, right? It has good volume, does a good job of voice modulation, keeps a good charge for several hours, and is only slightly distorted. It should work!

However, I can’t have a microphone just hanging out on the front of the cowl, right? That wouldn’t look cool. The answer: a throat micIn BvS, we get a preview of it when Alfred is testing the Batman voice modulator in the Batcave while Bruce walks in. I just need the same thing.


A quick Amazon search offers plenty of options, but I’m just not sure which one is best. I need one that’s cheap (enough), sounds good, is adjustable, and can be hidden under the neck armor. batman voice modulator

There is a thread on TheRPF about this very topic, but none of the examples that people have posted really seem up to par. So I’ll have to keep researching and thinking about this idea … and will update this post when I’ve got some answers!

What are your thoughts?

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