Hot Toys Batman Begins figure

The Batman Begins Figure: My First Hot Toys Collectible

Hot Toys Batman Begins figureIt’s Monday! So obviously, it’s a good time to show off one of my cherished collectibles: the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Batman Begins figure! This was the first Hot Toys figure I ever got (thanks wife), and it is friggin’ sweet. I had always been impressed by Hot Toys’ work, but never had anything in-hand.
The movie itself is – in my opinion – the second-best Batman movie there ever was, and may even be the second-best superhero movie! Either way, it’s certainly worthy of a collectible or two, and this one was a great start.

What’s really impressive about this Batman Begins figure is that the suit really feels like a rubber suit, detailed to look like infantry armor. The figure comes with the harness as well as Bruce Wayne’s face, so you can recreate Batman and Commissioner Gordon’s first meeting – if you like. Pretty awesome.

Hot Toys Batman Begins figure

Is that great or what? Look at that detail on ol’ bats’ face! I don’t really know how these sculptors do it – I mean they’ve captured that “don’t bother me I’m aiming” frown that Christian Bale had on, all the animalistic detail of the cowl, and even the shine in the eyes. Seriously impressive.

The cape is huge, as it should be, and the belt looks metallic and comes with all kinds of accouterments, like canisters and capsules and the batarang holder. Even the grapple gun is sweet looking and metallic (as it should be).

My one gripe – and if you do own this figure, you may have come across a fairly impactful issue: the good ol’ Hot Toys Batman Begins figure broken ankle defect.  Mine has it, too.  The ankle joint in one of the boots is broken off, so the boot doesn’t actually snap to the ankle on one leg.  Therefore I have to use the stand to hold Batman up!  Does that seem right?  No … but it does work.

The ankle isn’t that big of a deal though. Sure, it shouldn’t exist on a Batman Begins figure at this level, but it does and I forget about it anyway.

Oh well, check out the gallery below and I’m sure you’ll forget about it too!


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