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Which Captain America Movie Costume is your Favorite?

In recent years, we’ve been treated to four movies featuring Cap, and we got to see him in at least one new Captain America movie costume each time!  If you’re like me and you are really into the costuming they do with these superhero movies, then you truly appreciate each new version of any character’s costume.  If you’re really like me, then you’re also judgmental and instantly decide what you do and don’t like.  There are definitely some superhero costumes as of late that I hate (talking about YOU, Amazing Spider-Man), and there are some that I love (like Man of Steel).  

Since I’ve decided to put together a Captain America movie costume, I had to pick my favorite and just go with it.  It is already 2015 though, and there are several versions to choose from.  

So which is your favorite?

Let’s take a look at all the Captain America movie costumes we’ve seen so far:

Captain America: The First Avenger (TFA) – USO costume

So this is the costume Cap was put in to go around the country and sell war bonds, instead of being put into action.  While it’s an obvious homage to the comic costume, it just looks ridiculous on purpose.  A slim costume with red gloves and booties, and a fabric hood/cowl.  Hmm.

 Captain America TFA USO suit
Captain America TFA – Rescue Suit

Once Cap costumes up to save his fellow soldiers, he tosses on some regular WWII-era military gear over his stars & stripes.  He’s wearing typical combat boots, gaiters, army pants and leather jacket.  Cap throws on the “A” helmet from one of the singers and grabs his shield, and he’s ready to roll.  Not sure where he got the utility belt, but maybe it’s general-issue.  Either way, he looks pretty cool – which is why most fans love this costume.

 Captain America TFA Rescue Suit
Captain America TFA Suit

This is the costume Cap dons when he finally debuts as the heroic Captain America and leaps into action fighting Hydra.  It is consistent with a WWII-era U.S. uniform, with double-buckle combat boots, paratrooper-style straps and harness (red straps), and leather belt with US pistol holster.  The helmet has the wings and “A”, but also leather chinstrap and ear covers, similar to a pilot’s (or tank driver’s) helmet.   The colors are surprisingly downplayed — no bright colors here.  And he finally has his classic vibranium shield too!   

 Captain America TFA movie suit
 The Avengers Suit 

Cap got an upgrade in the Avengers.  A completely redesigned costume with definitely a more “technologically-advanced” look for Captain America. The costume features bright colors – the ol’ red, white, and blue really stand out.  The costume is slim with no added bulk and no attempts to accentuate musculature.  Any sort of “straps” seen in the TFA costume are gone, and the boots and gloves are both red leather.  

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (TWS) – Stealth S.T.R.I.K.E. Suit

It looks like the costumers started to turn back towards the “soldier” look for this one.  The costume is in dark blue, obviously for the stealthy part, with a simple accent leading to that always-present chest star.  The leather gloves, boots, and belt are downplayed but seem functional. 

Captain America TWS – Smithsonian Suit

So this costume is interesting.  It’s mostly like the Captain America TFA costume, except it’s not the same costume.  I’m not sure if they were saying this was the same costume, just a display costume, or if they were saying it was a costume he maybe would have had after the war had he survived WWII?  I don’t know.  But it’s different.  It’s got an additional red line down the middle, and small changes in the grey straps and stomach detail.  I also noticed the leather is much lighter than the TFA costume.  The helmet also has added detail, like rivets on the “A” and raised lines going down each side.

 Captain America The Winter Soldier Smithsonian Suit
The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron Costume

This costume is pretty awesome.  It’s got a very military-functional look to it, darker blues and reds, and a high level of detail everywhere.  The designers continued with the leather shoulder harness, gloves, utility belts, and boot spats, similar to previous costumes.  It’s definitely looking more advanced, too (thanks to a Mr. Tony Stark).  I mean Cap’s got a magnetic thingy on his arm that attracts and holds the shield!  I mean come on — that’s sweet, right?  

Captain America Avengers Age of Ultron Suit


So, which is your favorite Captain America movie costume?

I think mine is fairly obvious, due to the multiple Captain America TFA posts.  That’s right, it’s the Captain America: The First Avenger costume!

Captain America TFA suit

I mean seriously, look at that costume!  It’s pure awesomeness!  It combines old-school cool with WWII-era functionality, while maintaining that superhero aspect.  Obviously, since it’s Captain America, you’ve got to keep that star right in the middle of the chest, and have to have red straps against the white over the stomach!  

To me, the costume looks more like a military uniform than a superhero outfit.  From the parachute harness over the top (that goes into the red straps) to the double-buckle jump boots, the costume is legit.  The signature Captain America cowl and shield tie in the superhero effect for good measure.  Then to top it off, the costume designers added a battle-tested look to it, with a worn look to it and aged leather.  Looks like it’s survived a few explosions!  SWEET!

So, do you agree?  Or do you have another favorite?  Let me know which is your favorite Captain America costume in the comments!

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