Captain America boots and shield

Captain America TFA Boots

Since I’m building a Captain America costume (I am), I of course need boots! The costume I’m specifically building is the one from Captain America: The First Avenger (TFA).

Captain America TFA suit

This is exactly how I’ll look

I started on this costume by getting a base suit created for me by a guy in China, but I’ll cover that in another post. This one’s about the Captain America TFA boots!

Since Captain America TFA is set in the 1940s, Cap’s suit reflects that era with a superhero twist. His boots certainly reflect that. They’re actually very close to WWII-style double-buckle rough out jump boots that were issued during the war starting around 1943 I believe, replacing those gaiters that soldiers wore prior to that.

Finding these online was a bit of a challenge, but I finally found them online and ordered a pair. Here’s what they arrived looking like:

WWII US Reproduction double-buckle jump boots

Rough-out boots

Note the rough side of the leather is faced out, and how light they are! These took a lot of work. Luckily, I found the below video which shows how to work on similar boots:

After I completed the “dubbing” process, I used brown shoe polish to get them all the way brown. However, the buckle part still was mostly the original color. So the next step was lots of dark brown leather dye! Take a look at the difference – after several coats on each, they’re much closer to the truth and ready for the fight!

Captain America boots comparison with leather dye

A huge difference.

I certainly have some more work to do, like getting the brown color even all around the boot and browning the top of the sole, but they are mostly done and looking good!  Check out my new Captain America TFA boots!

Captain America boots front

Captain America boots side




Captain America boots no flash

Looking even without the flash.

Captain America boots and shield


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