Captain America TFA Gauntlets

First time sewing leather to build new Captain America TFA Gauntlets

Continuing on from the Captain America TFA boots, which are now (mostly) finished, I started on the leather Captain America TFA Gauntlets.  Check out the gloves and gauntlets from the Captain America: The First Avenger movie suit:

Captain America TFA movie suit Captain America TFA movie suit 2

During this whole process, I used the Hot Toys Captain America TFA figure as a reference.  Here’s the gauntlet from the figure – note it doesn’t have as much raised area along that top buckle as the actual movie suit. A slight discrepancy, but one to be cognizant of as I built mine more like the figure’s version than the movie version.  I’ll have to get more leather to make it look more like the movie one, but for now it’s a good start.  

Something else I noticed but didn’t feel like addressing is that the gauntlet is actually two rectangular pieces on each side held together by two triangular pieces on the top and bottom.  I could have done them that way, but that would have been a lot more sewing and I was also unsure that I’d have enough leather for that.  The good news is at least I know what it’s really supposed to look like, thanks to this figure.  If I want to go back and do it again in the future, I can make it look more like this:

Captain America TFA Gauntlets


I was lucky enough to find some fairly cheap scrap leather from eBay for this part of the project.  At Michael’s, each piece of leather this size was $9.99, and I was able to get these four pieces for $19.99!  I’d say that’s a pretty good deal, and shipping was pretty fast.  After they arrived I was really chomping at the bit to get started, but also a little hesitant since I’m not exactly a skilled seamstress (seamster?).  

I started by hemming up (I think that’s what it is) the edges of two pieces which actually went pretty well:

Captain America TFA Gauntlets Captain America TFA Gauntlets

Since I was on a roll with the hemming, I decided I could make the “straps” and attach them to the main body of the gauntlet.  I made the straps by just cutting a strip of the leather and basically hemming each side.  Since it doesn’t really matter how those top straps look on the back of the gauntlet, I just cut it in two and sewed it on. The hardest part here was actually attaching that buckle to the strap — since the sewing machine didn’t want to puncture all four pieces of leather to sew it on!  So, I rolled the sewing machine forward by hand so the needle wouldn’t break on me, and after I thought it did a good enough job, I super-glued it anyway. 🙂  That’s how I roll.  Note that it’s starting to take shape here:

Captain America TFA Gauntlets

 Since I don’t have much material, it’s not 100% the same but it’s pretty close!  I then finished attaching the other strap and attaching the d-ring and heavy-duty snap to it, then put it around my arm.  I couldn’t really figure out a good way to sew the other side, so the super-glue came back out.  I finished gluing the other side of the triangle to the main part and was done!  The second gauntlet came out looking pretty much the same too – although it took WAY longer because the sewing machine decided it hated this project!  

Here’s what I ended up with — my Captain America TFA Gauntlets!

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