Since the window, there has been some good progress.  First and foremost, we got our tub!  We were really excited and surprised when it showed up on our doorstep.  I was about to go downstairs to start working (from home) and Wife was about to leave for work when the […]

Lots of movement …

Last weekend Little J and I didn’t do too much since there wasn’t too much demo left to do.  He did rip up the piece of MDF that was under the old tile, and did a great job!  We also put up a piece of drywall on the ceiling and […]

Framing and subfloor

Prior to starting the remodel, I was thinking in my head ‘what to do with all the crap?’  However, I must have seen one of these Bagster things from Waste Management somewhere – either on TV or in front of someone’s house – and put it in the back of […]

Bagster is Pretty Cool

So, it looks like I haven’t posted about this before, which is surprising! So I guess I’ll start … Ever since we bought our first house together (that last house), I’ve wanted a place where I can display and enjoy all the items I’ve acquired for my hobby. That hobby […]

Creating the Batcave

And … it’s raining.  Good thing I worked so hard on getting those coolers up and running, as it’s now 40 degrees out and soaking wet!  It’s been raining for two days straight and I think it’s supposed to continue until tomorrow.  The forecast said it will be nice tomorrow, […]

Rainy Dayz