My custom DIY Thor Mjolnir display (Mewmir)

My custom DIY Thor Mjolnir display (Mewmir)

So this was a few years ago — but after seeing THOR, I really wanted to have a custom DIY Thor Mjolnir display of my own.  Taken straight from the movie, the best way to display Mjolnir is right here where it’s stuck in the ground in a mound of raised earth:

My custom DIY Thor Mjolnir display (Mewmir)


I already owned the hammer prop that I got in the Halloween section at Target for $10!  All I needed to do to make Mjolnir look a bit better was to spray it with some metallic paint – and of course it needs the base.  So, I went over to Home Depot, of course!  I picked up:

Back at home, I cut a nice square out of the foam for the base bottom.  Then, I cut four rectangular strips of foam to serve as the vertical portion of the base.  Using the silicone and a caulk gun, I “glued” together the four pieces so they stood upright on the bottom piece, then glued them to the bottom as well.  

I don’t think I even gave it time to dry before I started in with the expanding foam.  As I’ve probably mentioned before, GREAT STUFF is really great not only for actual DIY stuff for the house, but for these kind of projects as well!  I covered the rigid foam with the stuff, making sure to give it the overall shape I wanted.  Before the foam dried too much (after expanding a bit), I threw some sand/dirt at it to give it a better texture.  

Once it dried, I used the same brown paint I used for the Batcave to paint the whole thing brown.  I then cut out the top of the base so that it would accommodate the hammer how I wanted it.  I basically cut an angled rectangle, and covered it with a bit of scrap fabric. 

Once that was done, I took the prop hammer and just unscrewed the hammer head from the handle, then sprayed the head with the metallic silver paint.  I took a small paintbrush and painted the insets of the handle with the same paint.  Once dry, I reassembled and was good to go!  Check this thing out!

My custom DIY Thor Mjolnir display (Mewmir)

The only thing it still needs is some additional detail at the base of the handle, and a real leather strap.  Luckily I still have some leather leftover from another project, so it should be doable soon!

This is truly right up there with the best of Superhero DIY.  In total, it probably cost about $35 to make:

  • $10 for the rigid foam
  • $5 for expanding foam
  • $3 for silicone
  • $10 for Mjolnir prop
  • $7 for silver metallic paint

= $35!!!  That’s an awesome price for an awesome prop!  

And here’s a video of me trying to show it off.  Keep in mind this is about four years after I made it, but it’s still looking great!

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