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superman returns flyingAh, my first suit: the custom Superman Returns costume replica. I got this in 2006 when I just decided one day that I really wanted a great Halloween costume, not just one that you can buy in any store. So, off to eBay!

After a quick search (sorted Highest Price first, obviously), I found a custom Superman Returns costume replica that could be made to my measurements and included everything! Oh man! Gotta have it!

Once it arrived, though, I found that the bodysuit was excellent, the cape was pretty good, and the undies were spot-on. But — the rest was terrible. The chest emblem, belt, and boots were basically made out of pleather and did not look accurate at all. 


So, more buying. Looking at the chest shield from the movie, one can see that the emblem has a lot of detail, which turns out to be a bunch of little “S” indentations across it.  OOOHHHHH!

Superman Returns costume

From an official display costume

Another quick eBay search got me what I needed, and I found a great-looking Superman Returns chest emblem along with belt – both from the Bronze Armory:


Batcave Mar 10, 2011 10-36.jpg

 Attaching the emblem was a bit of a challenge, but we went with good ol’ E-6000, which is kind of a rubbery, bendable glue that holds for years and years, and kind of goes with the flow. A great glue!

The boots from the movie have a certain almost tennis-shoe look to them and I wanted to match that. I looked all over the place for Superman Returns boots, and finally found them through some obscure search. I can’t really remember where or how I got them after that, but here they are: 

Batcave Mar 10, 2011 10-39.jpg

 They even have the little “S” on the back!

With that, the suit is really complete.  Here’s a good look at the whole suit – even a video – and recent pictures! Let me know what you think!

Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-15-50 PM.JPG Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-16-20 PM.JPG Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-16-42 PM.JPG Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-17-04 PM.JPG Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-17-41 PM.JPG Superman Returns Costume 3-17-2016 2-20-12 PM.JPG




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    • Super J Post author

      Hey — thanks for the comment! I think you’re actually the first commenter so CONGRATS! 😉

      I actually didn’t make the cape myself, that came with the blue spandex part. BUT, I think it is actually pretty straight-forward as far as capes go.

      It’s made of a thick vinyl material to give that Superman Returns look, although I think they used a different fabric. If you spread the whole thing out, it’s pretty much a full half-circle of fabric (it’s a lot of fabric) with about a 60″ radius. The cape wraps around a metal C at the collar, and has straps to go under the arms and buckle in the back to hold it on.

      The cape weighs 8-10 lbs on its own – I would NOT recommend this material! I actually plan on making a new cape that is much lighter and would flow more like a cape, but achieve the same look. Still doing research though …

      You can subscribe up at top-right to be notified once I finish that!