Denver Comic Con 2016 Westword photo

Denver Comic Con 2016 was a blast!

We had a great time at Denver Comic Con 2016! This was our first con ever, so we weren’t too sure about how it would go. I’d spent months working on the Kylo Ren and Rey costumes, and it was finally time for their debut. 

We went down on Friday morning and checked in (early) at the Embassy Suites right across the street from the Colorado Convention Center. This was by far the best hotel stay we’ve ever had – I highly recommend! After changing, we headed over and seemed to be swarmed by people saying they wanted pictures. Throughout both days, seemingly hundreds of people wanted to take pictures either with us or of us, and were incredibly kind in praise of the costumes!

We definitely learned a few things from our three days at Denver Comic Con 2016 that I’ll be posting about later – mostly as a reminder to myself for next year:

  • Plan your hotel stay to accommodate comic con, not the other way around
  • Make sure that you have some way to cool down in that hot costume!
  • Have a way to take quality photos
  • Schedule a professional shoot of your cosplay
  • Spend time in a comfortable costume (or no costume)

Since we didn’t have any really high quality photos of us, I searched online and found an post on Westword with us in it! Here’s us, photo #100:

Denver Comic Con 2016 Westword photo

Credit: Denver Westword

And here’s a gallery of the photos we did take. I wish we had about 500 more!

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