PETG second layer will not stick

Last Updated On October 10, 2017
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Ok I cannot get PETG to print correctly. Printed Benchy without issue, but now trying to print Diicooler and failing. Notice that a few of those verticals on the inside are not secured to the first layer at all and have a gap – but only some of them!

I stopped this print since it had already failed, but the previous one did the same and also had some areas where it just didn’t stick to that first layer.

Micro-Swiss all-metal hotend
PLA Diicooler
Upgraded extruder gear

My settings are:
.24mm layer height
100% infill
250° C Layer 1, no fan
240° C Layer 2, 100% fan
87° C bed
Printing at 50 mm/s

Only thing I’ve figured out with PETG so far is that I can’t do overhangs without a fan … it just melts all over the place.

Any ideas? I’ve tried several different settings and no dice.




Print speed is set too high, not allowing time for the PETG second layer to stick to the first. In this case, printing at 50mm/s



Slow down the print speed. In this case, 35mm/s resolved the issue.