Sparkfun Spectacle – No actions work at all

Last Updated On July 28, 2017
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After hooking up all your Sparkfun Spectacle boards together and installed a script from the configuration tool in the correct order with valid actions, absolutely none of those actions work or do anything. Even after reset, reinstall the program, checking the In/Out on those 3.5mm cables, checking the order, even running a very simple script with one action, no actions work at all.


There are a few things that can cause this:

  • Of course, check the board order – if the boards aren’t in the same order as your script, nothing will work
  • Check that all boards have been added to the script. There can be boards on there that have no actions, but if they are connected, they need to be on the script.
  • Check that no more than one board of each type is attached to the system. In my case, I was trying to have two Light Boards connected to one system (one Director Board). My setup looked like this:
    • Director
    • Button
    • Lights
    • Lights <– this is the problem
    • Motion
    • Audio


    • Even though that was mentioned nowhere in the hookup guides, apparently you can only have one board of each type attached to a Director board at a time.


Make sure that all connected boards are added to the script, connected in the same order as your script, and that you don’t have any extra boards – no more than one board of each type connected to a Director Board.

As always, refer to the Troubleshooting Guide

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