muscle suit
What a wonderful thing … the difference a muscle suit makes! If you’ve ever done any type of cosplay and you’re NOT a body builder, then you know that spandex doesn’t necessarily show off your amazing musculature in the way you expected / hoped. That’s the case for me, anyway.

Muscle Suit Makes All the Difference for Cosplay

green lantern costume idea
FYI this is not an amazing post, so don’t get too excited! Rather, it’s the first of many posts of the “ideas” category – meaning they are just costumes / props I want to build in the future. So … I’ve been trying to figure out just how I’d put […]

Green Lantern costume idea

Denver Comic Con 2016 Westword photo
We had a great time at Denver Comic Con 2016! This was our first con ever, so we weren’t too sure about how it would go. I’d spent months working on the Kylo Ren and Rey costumes, and it was finally time for their debut.  We went down on Friday […]

Denver Comic Con 2016 was a blast!

No, not really. But kinda. I want to avoid lines as much as possible at Denver Comic Con 2016. This weekend – starting Friday – is going to be my first comic con ever and I am definitely excited about it. From all the lovely pictures all over the Internet following […]

How to avoid lines at DCC ’16

Hot Toys Batman Begins figure
It’s Monday! So obviously, it’s a good time to show off one of my cherished collectibles: the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Batman Begins figure! This was the first Hot Toys figure I ever got (thanks wife), and it is friggin’ sweet. I had always been impressed by Hot Toys’ work, […]

The Batman Begins Figure: My First Hot Toys Collectible

kylo ren costume 5
So, I’ve been working on a Kylo Ren costume for quite some time now. Since I saw the movie on opening weekend, I knew this was a costume I wanted to try out. It’s also completely different from any of my other superhero costumes which makes it interesting! But to get […]

Here’s what makes a great Kylo Ren costume

budget DIY Rey Costume 1
A $260 budget DIY Rey costume? Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Seriously. And Rey’s character in Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is no joke! She is introduced as a no-name scavenger, yet we quickly learn she is far more than that, and capable with and without the Force! She certainly is […]

See the budget DIY Rey Costume that cost just $260. ...

DIY Rey staff
After seeing Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, I knew I wanted to build a Kylo Ren costume. I’ve now finished the helmet, but was also concurrently working on a Rey costume for the wife. In the same way I started the Kylo Ren costume with the helmet, I started […]

The Home Depot-built DIY Rey Staff

metal captain america tfa buckles
I recently upgraded my skills in SketchUp, as well as in my understanding of how 3D printers work, and how well their materials perform. I also learned how to measure when I’m trying to recreate something! Using these amazing, newfound skills, I have created some seriously great metal Captain America TFA […]

Metal Captain America TFA Buckles

As soon as I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens in theaters, I was hooked on it! I’d never been that big of a Star Wars fan before, although of course I have seen all the movies more times than I can count. That doesn’t mean anything though – I’ve […]

My super-modified Black Series Kylo Ren Helmet!