Spider-Man at Wal-Mart

Spider-Man at Walmart

Spider-Man at Walmart

Ah, what a time to be young.  I can’t remember many details of this event, it was so long ago.  But what I remember is this: we went shopping at a Walmart in Greeley, Colorado for some strange reason.  While there, we came upon a Spider-Man 3 display, with a live in-costume Spider-Man who was taking photos with kids.  A pretty cool way to promote Spider-Man 3!Of course our (my) only takeaway from this was that I didn’t think that Spider-Man costume was any good.

Honestly, the costume looked like one of the Rubies Deluxe Spider-Man costumes, not one that someone had spent hours upon hours putting together!  So naturally, we drove the 30 mins home, then the 30 mins back to show him up.  The wife (girlfriend at the time) donned her Mary Jane outfit, and I threw on my Spider-Man 2 suit, and went in through the pouring rain. 

I don’t think we really “showed him up”.  Rather, it was a great photo opportunity, and there were some really great interactions with some kids who thought I was the real deal!  Check out that part at the end:

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