The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun 3D Printed Build – Post #1

I’ve been working on a Sticky Bomb Gun prop from 2008’s The Dark Knight since about 2011, but never made any real progress in the past. I first started the design using SketchUp (when it was still a Google product) by looking at pictures, etc. The 3D model wasn’t great, but it was a start.

Later on, I got the Hot Toys The Dark Knight Rises figure that came with all kinds of props, then traded it out for The Dark Knight Armory that came with even more! And guess what – lots of Sticky Bomb Guns to refer to:

I started trying to measure the 1/6 gun (with a ruler) and copy the design into SketchUp. Even when I finished that and was ready to have it 3D-printed, I couldn’t continue with the build due to crazy costs! I uploaded say just that rear handle to Shapeways to have printed – it was like $200! And that’s hollowed out! So to print the whole thing (for prototyping, remember) would be like $1500-$2000. So obviously that never happened.

Fast forward to 2017 – it’s my birthday and I got my first 3D printer AND a digital caliper! Yay I can do accurate measurements, refine my design, and actually print this thing!

I spent a few days re-scaling my 3D model (still just in SketchUp) with the caliper and making sure things would fit together and functionally work. Looks OK!

Then I went ahead and printed the first piece – the handle.

I have to say it turned out great. It’s truly an amazing thing that we can make whatever we want – and this is what I want:

Over the next night and day, I’ve printed a few more pieces:

I’m noticing that each little piece I print has something that I messed up on or needs to change, so I’m really glad that it’s costing only about $2 per part to prototype this!

I’m going to print the rest out and refine as I go.



Update: Check out Part 2 of the Sticky Bomb Gun here!

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