The Dark Knight Sticky Bomb Gun 3D Printed Build – Post #2

Ok small update on the Sticky Bomb Gun build – I printed out more parts, but I’m thinking I’m going to have to slice them differently before sending them to the printer. I don’t want to have any “weirdness” depending on what part lays against the print bed, and depending on if there are supports needed or parts that overhang, that can create some of the “weirdness”.

For instance, the dovetail sections that hold the pieces together really need some support when printing and somehow I missed that memo – so had to redo this a couple times:

But I did finally get it to a place where it printed nicely and interconnects well. You can see the little hole within that dovetailed piece where I will embed magnets so that it will stay in the open or closed position – it seems to stay closed just fine without a magnet but open is a little wobbly. I definitely don’t want to be opening it while suited up and a piece goes flying!

I might just do duplicate magnets so that it stays in either position instead of one or the other.  I’m really using magnets all over the place for any part that needs to move and I want it to stay in position. I’m not sure if there’s a better way to do it but hey that’s what I’m going with.


I also need to design some way for the Sticky Bomb Gun pieces to move and go in the “open position” but not go any further than that. Magnets help hold things in place but they won’t stop something from going past where it should be. So, I will be trying to figure that one out.

I scaled this model up from the 1/6 scale Hot Toys gun and I felt like it was a little too small overall. So, I fired up The Dark Knight on the 70 inch TV and did a little measurement on the screen!  I measured from Batman’s belt to his shoulder and then one piece of the Sticky Bomb Gun that I could see really well. I then applied that ratio to my belt to shoulder measurement and then measured the same part of my gun, and found that it was only about 5 mm too small! Not too far off!

What sucks about that is I do want it to be the right scale, so I scaled it up to 104%. That meant I had to redo all of the magnet and pipe holes so that they would be correct. I’d already redone the pipe holes once because I realized that a 1/2″ pipe is not actually 1/2″… So, doing it again.

Before I did that re-holing, I got overly excited to print out the biggest pieces. So, I printed the front piece and it came out OK – but it doesn’t matter because I’m gonna have to print everything again after all my little tweaks and changes:

It continues …


Update: Check out Part 3 of the Sticky Bomb Gun build here!

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