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BED MINTEMP error on Artillery Sidewinder X2


Getting a MINTEMP error on the bed when trying to heat up or start a new print job on the Artillery Sidewinder X2. Don't see any cables disconnected, but the bed is not headed. 

This seems to occur when the bed (Y-axis) extends all the way to the rear - the error is triggered. 


Bad thermistor cable. On the Artillery Sidewinder X2 (and the X1) the thermistor cable is embedded within the large rubber line that goes to the bed from the base. Causes include:

  • Loose connections either to the board or the bed
  • Break along the cable/wire 


In order to resolve this, the thermistor likely needs to be replaced as it could just be a faulty or worn part. 

In my case, this happened on a brand new Artillery Sidewinder X2 upon the FIRST test print! It continued to occur even though all connections were checked, so that means this brand new printer shipped with a bad thermistor cable. 

Upon contacting Artillery 3D support, they said they'd ship a new heatbed (which includes the new thermistor and other cables) to me. Unfortunately two weeks later, they still have not provided any indication that this part was shipped, nor even responded to multiple messages. 

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