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How to disable Z-Hop?


I am printing a model with a textured design.  The prints come out with a surface dotted with random bits of PLA and some stringing when it should be that nice texture. I was told to reduce my printing temp and turn off z-hop.  I know how to reduce temp (which didn't make any change other than the print failing because it warped off the bed), and I'd like to try turning off the z-hop.  How do I do this?

Z-hop problem


  1. In PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer, go to the Filament Settings tab
  2. Click Filament Overrides
  3. The setting you want in the screenshot is the "Lift Z" setting. Set that to zero and you have turned off z-hop.

Alternatively, if you know the start height of the top surface of your print you can change the "Only Lift Z"/"Below Z" setting to just below your top surface layers and then z-hop will be off for the surface.

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