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How to Download and Install SuperSlicer

For those looking to get a bit more functionality, options, and usability from PrusaSlicer (Prusa's Slic3r), there is a great option out there called SuperSlicer. However, due to the nature of this fork of PrusaSlicer, it's not necessarily clear nor straight-forward how to download and install SuperSlicer. SO, here's how!


1. Head over to SuperSlicer's repository over on (<-- click either of those links). From there, you can scroll down to read more about what SuperSlicer actually is, who contributes to it, etc etc.

2. Over on the right side you'll see a link to all the Releases. To just go to the one you want, click that Latest tag to go to the latest tested and fully-vetted version of SuperSlicer rather than an alpha or beta version. 

how to download and install superslicer


3. Scroll down to the Assets section, and download the file relevant to your OS. Most will want either the Mac (macos) or Windows (win64) download:

superslicer downloads


For Mac users, just click the .dmg file to run the software - make sure to move it to the Applications folder!


For Windows users, extract the .zip file. Then go into the extracted file folder, and click superslicer.exe to run the software.  Make sure to move this whole folder to a good location - like under your C:\Program Files\ directory. 


When it's time to update the software, just delete the previously-downloaded files, and repeat from Step 1. 



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