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[SOLVED] PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, even Simplify3D hang with white screen at launch


Every once in awhile, I've run into this issue where my slicer simply will not launch. It will pretend to launch, but then just hangs with a white screen. I have to kill the app to get it to close. It seemingly happens without reason and continues after a restart of the PC. This is only happening on my Windows 10 machine, but can affect PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, and/or Simplify3D (S3D).

prusaslicer white screen launch hang start



Somehow the application is getting stuck based on its previous screen location. It always has something to due with a multiple monitor setup - perhaps the window was closed while the app spanned two monitors, or something just got out of wack. 



PrusaSlicer / SuperSlicer

For both PrusaSlicer and SuperSlicer, this fix seemed to resolve the issue: https://github.com/prusa3d/PrusaSlicer/issues/2939#issuecomment-598171973

  1. On the Windows10 machine, go to C:\Users\<user\AppData\Roaming\PrusaSlicer (or SuperSlicer)
  2. Open the PrusaSlicer.ini settings file (or SuperSlicer.ini)
  3. Change the first two values for the mainframe window size to 0; 0. For instance, mine showed "window_mainframe = -8; -8; 1936; 1056; 1". I updated it to "window_mainframe = 0; 0; 1936; 1056; 1" 
  4. Save the file
  5. Relaunch PrusaSlicer (or SuperSlicer)


Alternatively, the Nahimic service (related to your graphics driver) could be causing the problem. Disabling the service seems to help. 

  1. Hit the Windows key
  2. Type Services.msc, then hit Enter
  3. Find the Nahimic service
  4. Right-click the Nahimic service, then click Properties

    nahimic service
  5. On the General tab, change the Startup type to "Disabled"

    disable nahimic service
  6. Under Service status, click the Stop button
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click OK

Then make sure the Nahimic processes are all terminated:

  1. Go to the Windows icon, type "cmd"
  2. Click Run as Administrator
  3. Run these three commands by pasting each in, then pressing enter after each:
    taskkill /f /im "NahimicService.exe"
    taskkill /f /im "NahimicSvc32.exe"
    taskkill /f /im "NahimicSvc64.exe"

Relaunch PrusaSlicer and you should be good to go!



For Simplify3D, simply changing my desktop settings to use one monitor resolved the problem. I made the change, launched, then changed back to multiple monitors. To do this easily:

  1. Press Windows key +P on your Windows 10 machine
  2. Click PC Screen only
  3. Launch Simplify3D
  4. Press Windows key + P again
  5. Click Extend

If that doesn't re-set the launch configuration, then you may need to edit the registry to remove the launch value. READ THROUGH THIS WHOLE THING BEFORE DOING SO, AS IT BLOWS AWAY CONFIGURATIONS.

To do that:

  1. Press Windows key to bring up the search menu
  2. Type regedit
  3. Hit Enter
  4. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Simplify3D
  5. Delete the value there. If that doesn't work, delete the Simplify3D folder
  6. Launch Simplify3D

You will have to login to Simplify3D again and re-set any previous configurations, but hey it'll launch! :)

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