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[SOLVED] Both PS4 Controllers Absolutely Will Not Connect to PlayStation 4


Both of my Playstation 4 DUALSHOCK Controllers absolutely wouldn't re-pair with my PS4 no matter what I do. They first became "un-paired" when I used them as gaming controllers for another system via a Bluetooth connection -- they both worked fine there. 

When I came back to the Playstation 4 with the same controllers, neither of them would turn on the PS4 using the PS button. Neither of them would connect, either. They kept just showing the flashing white light. 

The PlayStation would turn on, but then just stop at a screen that said: "Press PS button to use Controller". There are no other options available to re-pair the controller and I couldn't get past this screen.

press the PS button to use the controller.
I spent a few days trying to figure out and think through what could be causing this issue. I knew it wasn't the controllers that were bad, and the PS4 worked just before this. The USB cables were good, and so were all ports. 

I tried all of the below, none of which worked at all:

  • Resetting the controllers using the reset button on the back next to the L2 trigger. Tried holding it down for 1 second, 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, etc etc. 
  • Plugging them in via USB data transfer cable - tried that cable and about 20 others, none worked but it did charge via the cable.
  • Power cycling PS4
  • Starting PS4 in safe mode
  • Trying both controllers
  • Holding either upside down

 The problem was a bluetooth issue - and here's how to fix it.


Connect to the PlayStation 4 via the PS4 Remote Play app

  1. Download the PS4 Remote Play app
  2. Connect your PS4 remote to your phone via Bluetooth
  3. Launch the app - login using your PlayStation Store credentials
  4. Once connected to the PlayStation, go to Settings --> Bluetooth 
  5. Select a DUALSHOCK 4 controller, and click the Options button (on the phone)
  6. Select Forget Device and confirm
  7. Put the PS4 controller in pairing mode by holding the Share button, then pressing and holding the PS button until is does the rapid white flash
  8. Once the controller shows on the Bluetooth screen on the PlayStation (you might have to scroll down), select and add it. 

Your controller should now be re-connected to the PlayStation. Follow the same Forget Device --> Pairing steps with the other controller. 

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