[SOLVED] Artillery Sidewinder X2 clog / not extruding when resuming from a filament runout


Via the filament runout sensor on the Artillery Sidewinder X2, a print stops due to filament runout. After running new filament through the filament sensor and into the extruder and hitting Resume, the printer does not actually extrude any filament. 

What's weird is that the printer actually retracts a good unknown distance and fast after it resumes, which seems to partially help it not extrude any filament. 

Testing after the print failed shows that the nozzle isn't clogged, the printer just isn't extruding any filament and ruined the print job. 

This happens on multiple print jobs, multiple filaments. 


Using PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer, the "Use relative E distances" checkbox is checked. This issue does not occur when slicing using Cura. 


Learn more about relative extrusion here

To resolve this issue:

  1. In PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer, go to the Printer Settings tab
  2. Under General --> Advanced, uncheck "Use relative E distances"
  3. Under Custom G-code --> Start G-code, if M83 is present, replace it with M82; extruder absolute mode
  4. If M83 or M82 is not present, add M82
  5. Remove gcode from Before layer change G-code section
  6. Slice the model again, export the new gcode and retest. 

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