[Solved] Prusa MK3S+ showing "DASHBOARD_LAYER_INDI" across the bottom of the screen


So I recently switched a few of my MK3S+ machines to a 0.6mm nozzle for speedier printing. I noticed today that one of them seems to have an issue with layers sticking to the previous one. As I was watching it have that issue, I looked down at the LCD and along the bottom it showed:


I was very, very confused what that meant and/or why it was showing, and Googling returned nothing at all! I took a look at the G-code and sure enough, I see it in there at every layer change:

G92 E0.0

What's even more perplexing is that it's not in my custom G-code in the slicer for Before layer change G-code, which is set as:

G92 E0.0

It does seem to be related to my printer settings, as it doesn't exist in my G-code for my 0.4mm nozzle machines, but is there in all my 0.6mm nozzle machines' G-code.


There were a few carriage returns (blank lines) below the Before layer change G-code, which seemed to throw off the G-code in PrusaSlicer 2.4.


Ensure there are no carriage returns outside of your working custom G-code, re-slice and print again!

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