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SuperSlicer Top Layer Infill Patterns

Recently, I started using SuperSlicer as I was getting frustrated with the gaps in my solid top infill around the edges of my prints. Someone in the Facebook Prusa group suggested I try it out, and so far I've appreciated the extra settings. However, I noticed that nowhere online seems to show the different top layer settings that SuperSlicer has to offer - more specifically, what they actually look like. Until now, of course!


In SuperSlicer settings (on Expert Mode), you have a total of nine different top layer infill settings available. Here's the .3mf file as a shortcut.

To modify these settings:

  1. Go to the Print Settings Tab
  2. Click Infill
  3. Under the Infill section, click the External Patterns dropdown for either Top or Bottom:

superslicer top layer patterns


The image below shows the result of each of the nine different SuperSlicer Top Layer Patterns the tool has to offer:

superslicer top layer patterns

Please note that the Ironing pattern (lower right) is not quite right as I have not yet calibrated my printer for that option. To calibrate your printer for Ironing in SuperSlicer:

  1. Go to the Calibration menu item
  2. Click Ironing pattern calibration
  3. Read the instructions, then click Generate
  4. Print and calibrate for the right ratio


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just came across your channel very interesting Thank-you for your time and effort good work on the top layer video,just recently started using super slicer I really like it


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