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Top Layer has Gaps Between Perimeter and Infill


Printing on my Prusa Mini or i3 MK3S, I consistently have gaps in my top layer right around the edges. The outside perimeter and the top layer infill have tiny gaps. I've set my first layer Z offset appropriately, ensured I'm printing at the right temperature, and used the pattern I feel would work best, and still have these gaps. 


Infill/perimeters overlap is not set high enough, allowing for a gap between the external perimeter and the top layer infill. 


Increase the value for Infill/perimeters overlap. I usually bump it up from 25% to 50%. 

In PrusaSlicer, this value is set under Print Settings --> Advanced in the Overlap section.

gap in top layer perimeter overlap


In SuperSlicer, this setting is under Print Settings --> Width & Flow in the Overlap section.

top layer gap superslicer infil perimeter overlap

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