What I Use

Here are the different things I use for 3D-printing, setting up my workshop, and as materials. 

Not everything is super-cheap or the best, but it's what I've found works best for my price point.



Rod lube This is the lube I've been using for awhile now to keep my rods on my Prusa machines lubricated and moving along nicely! It's certainly cheaper than Prusa's alternative, and more slippery.
Capricorn PTFE tube The best, slickest PTFE tube there is.



Cable Management cover Keeping all those cords clean and organized. This wasn't perfect, but it's cheaper and works better than some of the other junk I tried!
Anker Surge Protector Great surge protector when you have a ton of different types of plugs and connectors with/without big blocks. 
Netgear Ethernet Switch I've used a couple of these to split my ethernet to where it needs to go - from directly to computers to receivers to Raspberry Pis. Simple, cheap, works great.



Here are the materials I've used for making some of my cool stuff! 

Mandalorian or other helmet - Black visor I tried some nonsense from Etsy before this, and let me tell you: this stuff is PERFECT for a black visor. It says it's green, but it's too dark to tell. It's rigid enough to put in place without "crinkles" but soft enough (especially with a heat gun) to shape as needed. Really solid and inexpensive stuff.
LED strip easy connector This clip makes it really easy to connect wiring to an LED strip without soldering.