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Need that THING printed but Shapeways or other 3D-printing services are ridiculously-priced?

SuperheroDIY can print that for you!

Contact us directly so we can create a personalized quote for you and the object you'd like to print. You can read here for information and pricing for this service.

Feel free to contact us directly at

Looking for something to print? Check out the below options:

If you already have an STL file you'd like to have printed, send it to and we will respond with a quote.

We can 3D print any item(s) that you'd like that:

  • is legal
  • will fit on printers (up to 380 x 380mm x 400mm)
  • are not absolutely ridiculous to print ;)


All items are printed in PLA or PETG plastic. We can print in many different colors, but usually stick to the following:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Yellow

Please mention in your message if you're interested in any color not listed.


All prices are based off the estimations from slicing the model for printing: $0.25/gram +-$1/hour of printing

Unless otherwise requested, most items are printed with
- layer height of 0.2mm (available range from 0.12mm - 0.30mm)
- speed of 60mm/s (available range from 40mm/s - 90mm/s)

A smaller layer height and speed typically result in a higher quality print. However, the trade off is time and cost. Again, please mention the desired print quality in your request.

Any supports will be left on the finished item to offer protection during shipping. These can be easily be removed once you receive the item.


Shipping cost is calculated by the size of the item(s), but typically is via USPS First Class Mail. Up to 10oz usually ranges from $4.99 - $8.99.

There is no additional charge for multiple items unless there is a large weight increase as described below.

Any items shipped internationally do require a shipping charge.
- $13.54 - up to 8 oz
- $26.36 - up to 1 lb
- Heavier weights calculated at USPS rates.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Item turned out wonderfully. Seller was ea...

Item turned out wonderfully. Seller was easy to work with for custom order and provided prompt response and great feedback. Thank you.

Ordered a custom button for a drawing pen...

Ordered a custom button for a drawing pen and could not be happier with the result. Perfect fit. Fast shipping and an overall wonderful shopping experience! I would highly recommend this seller!

Very impressed with the quality of this pr...

Very impressed with the quality of this product and the customer service I received! Would definitely return for future products.

I had a very specific item that I wanted a...

I had a very specific item that I wanted and was very picky but I received the best communication, and customer service imaginable and I’m beyond happy and satisfied with the service I received. I wish I could give more than 5 stars ⭐️😊

Huge thank you to the craftsman who put th...

Huge thank you to the craftsman who put these together for me ASAP. I was able to use these during my Covid 19 Disaster Relief deployment to New York City.

Great build and design. Sturdy and easy to decontaminate during full days on the job.