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LED Light-Up Bat-Signal Smart Speaker Stand for Amazon Echo Dot or Google Nest Mini | Batman logo Lamp

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This is a 3D-printed, LED light-up Bat-Signal Smart Speaker Stand. 

CHOOSE YOUR LOGO! Options include:

  • TDK
  • Arkham
  • 89/Classic
  • BvS/JL
  • The Bat

EARTH-FRIENDLY: 3D-Printed in durable, earth-friendly PLA plastic
3D-PRINTED: Uses amazing technology to create this highly-functional stand!
PERFECT FIT: Made to fit your Amazon Alexa or Google Nest smart speaker perfectly, with channel to hide power cables beneath the base
MADE IN THE USA: Designed and printed in Broomfield, CO - thanks for supporting small business!
ADJUSTABLE: Can be angled up or down to direct sound across Gotham, or your living room!

This Bat-Signal has an easy on/off button to turn the Bat-Signal on or off! All you have to do is add your smart speaker, or use it as a lamp or nightlight without it!

Compatible with:

- Alexa Amazon Echo Dot 1st-3rd generation
- Google Nest Mini

This is a truly unique way to mount your smart speaker and play that superhero music throughout your home!

Item is printed in plastic PLA material, and is provided unpainted. Item is sturdy, but is not indestructible (like a Legend), so handle with some care. Can be angled up or down to signal your friends (and foes)!

Measures 5” wide x 5" long x 6.7” tall.


  • Stand, assembled, with LED lights added, and USB cable with on/off switch
  • AC USB adapter

**Smart speaker not included**

To add to your smart speaker:

  1. Gently remove the circular “bat” symbol from the front of the stand
  2. Thread the power cord through the base, into the circular holder
  3. With the power cord thread through the stand, plug in the smart speaker
  4. Gently place the smart speaker inside the stand
  5. Gently replace the circular “bat” symbol, making sure to align it with the notches on the side of the stand.
  6. Once angled as desired, press power cord into groove on bottom of stand

Makes a great Christmas or birthday gift for that Batman, Justice League, or DC Comics fan in your life! NO ONE else is going to have this unique item!

Ships fast via USPS.

Also please keep in mind this is a fan art, not an official model. We do not claim any ownership of the character or the 3D model we use. We only charge for the 3D-printing services and the finishing work. Thank you! 

This product is in no way related or in in affiliation with DC Comics, or Warner Bros. whatsoever.


DISCLAIMER: This is a 3D-printed plastic item. As such, it may have blemishes and other defects and/or sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Should not be used or handled by children without parent supervision.


Materials: Earth friendly durable PLA plastic.

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