X-Men 3D Wall Art - SuperheroDIY
X-Men 3D Wall Art - SuperheroDIY
X-Men 3D Wall Art - SuperheroDIY

X-Men 3D Wall Art

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Professor Charles Xavier and his band of courageous mutants strike back against corrupt and bigoted government agencies as well as mutant extremist Magneto in this animated series based on the Marvel Comics characters.

Show off your love of this amazing 90's Marvel Comics cartoon show! Whether you’re a fan of Wolverine, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Professor Xavier, Beast, Jubilee, Gambit, or any other of the heroes and characters, this is a great item to pick up! Also makes a great gift for the Marvel, X-Men, New Mutants, comic or superhero fan in your life.

This 3D printed logo can be mounted on your wall or sat on a shelf or table. 3D-printed in durable, glossy PETG plastic.

Multiple color options available:

- Yellow/red or yellow/blue lettering
- Uncanny X-Men (or just X-Men)

Measures 6.5" wide.

Can be used for all sorts of things, such as:
- collectible / figure display
- wall art or shelf art
- sign / poster / plaque
- cake topper
- cosplay or costume label - show it off like a Hot Toys figure!
- kids room
- Funko pop display
- LEGO display

Mount options include using double-sided tape, 3M command strips, glue, etc (not included).