front strap buckles

Got the 3D printed Captain America TFA front strap buckles in!

UPDATE: see the most recent versions!

The front strap buckles are really perfect, just need to widen them maybe 1/16″. I’m very happy with how they turned out!   

Here’s how the front strap buckles should look:

And here’s how they turned out!

Now just need to have them printed in stainless steel — anyone had that done by Shapeways before? I think the front strap buckles are the 3rd most important buckle on the costume – preceded only by that main back harness buckle and of course the belt buckle – so they need to look good.

The lower rear buckle came out well too, but in just not happy with my design. The whole thing needs more roundness to it, and feels really lightweight and weak compared to the upper back buckle. I’ll have to redo this as soon as I get better in Blender – taking a class for it right now! Anyway here’s the lower buckle:

Now on to a re-design of this lower buckle, and back to the printer! I’m hoping to have this suit complete for Denver Comic Con in June, luckily there’s some time. 
The one thing that’s really on my mind that I don’t know how to tackle is how to weather / battle-damage the suit? I guess I don’t really want to “damage” it, but rather make it look like it’s been through a few battles. Would the best way be just to wear it outside and roll in the dirt? Get under the car for an oil change? Throw soot at it? 
Throw your ideas my way and thanks for reading!


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