sticky bomb gun

Finished 3D-Printed Sticky Bomb Gun Replica Prop from The Dark Knight (2008)

I’ve made the Sticky Bomb Gun from 2008’s The Dark Knight starring Christian Bale, directed by Christopher Nolan. Used in the Hong Kong scene as well as the construction site scene near the end.

This is the (nearly-finished) version 1.0 of the work covered in:

It is modeled after the Hot Toys Sticky Bomb Gun that comes with The Dark Knight Armory so isn’t 100% movie accurate, but it’s pretty damn close!

Features include:

  • folds up / compresses to closed position
  • opens up / expands to armed position
  • Made up of 13 separate 3D-printed parts and 9 brass rods
  • Leverages neodymium magnets for opening/closing action

As I iterate through this gun and continue to release functionality – sort of in an agile software development way – it will get better and better!


Version 2 will add accuracy and usability enhancements.

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