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  • SuperSlicer Top Layer Patterns

    Recently, I started using SuperSlicer as I was getting frustrated with the gaps in my solid top infill around the edges of my prints. Someone in the Facebook Prusa group suggested I try it out, and so far I've appreciated the extra settings. However, I noticed that nowhere online seems to show the different top layer settings that SuperSlicer has to offer - more specifically, what they actually look like. Until now, of course!
  • [SOLVED] PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, even Simplify3D hang with white screen at launch

    [SOLVED] Every once in awhile, I've run into this issue where my slicer simply will not launch. It will pretend to launch, but then just hangs with a white screen. I have to kill the app to get it to close. It seemingly happens without reason and continues after a restart of the PC. This is only happening on my Windows 10 machine, but can affect PrusaSlicer, SuperSlicer, and/or Simplify3D (S3D).