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By chance: Hot Toys Captain America: The First Avenger

Yesterday the wife and I were driving around, and decided to stop into the local Comic Book / Toy Store.  We didn’t find anything that really caught our eye, but as we were walking out we saw another customer trying to sell some items to the shop.  As we climbed into the car, we saw the same customer hauling all their boxes back out to their car.  I said “I wonder if they were trying to sell those … I should ask!”.  So, I asked, and ended up with a new figure: Captain America: The First Avenger from Hot Toys. 

At first when we went over to this guy’s car, we were looking at the Christopher Reeve Superman figure.  The guy had probably 20 Hot Toys figures he was looking to sell, and the Superman box definitely caught my eye. I thought that the pictures online made it look really awesome, but in person the only truly impressive part was the head sculpt.  The costume was very basic (obviously), and just didn’t look that great.

I then asked to see the Hot Toys Captain America one — and WOW.  The detail on the costume, the head sculpt, and the shield are really great.  The shield looks metallic, and the suit has the right look/feel and actual leather accessories.  I said “Yes, yes yes I want this one!“.  And only $150 later (which was a great price), I had this guy.


Check him out:

hot toys captain america the first avenger

Even though Cap is my first Marvel figure from Hot Toys, I think he goes really well with the rest of my them.  I’m feeling like I need to upgrade my display cabinet, though.

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