Floating Shelf for Batman in Batwing #121 Funko Pop! Rides

Floating Shelf for Batman in Batwing #121 Funko Pop! Rides

We did it! We've made a shelf that is perfectly made to fit the Funko Pop! Rides Batman in Batwing #121 -- and it's right here at Superhero DIY!

Display shelf made to fit the BATMAN IN BATWING Funko Pop Rides

This shelf is unique in that it has some extra functionality - it can swivel and extend to fit whatever and however you're trying to display your pop! Includes mounting screw for easy display. 

Pick up this amazing shelf today!

  • Amazing 3D-printers use additive manufacturing technologies to create these amazing shelves!
  • Our items are made in durable PLA plastic.
  • Each of our display options either comes with Command strips or mounting screws for simple, easy display.
  • These shelves are seriously PERFECT for mounting your collectibles! As collectors ourselves, we understand how important it is to get your collection looking great! 
  • Thank you for supporting our very small business located in Broomfield, CO!
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