New options for keeping your Bitty Pops organized and displayed!

New options for keeping your Bitty Pops organized and displayed!

You know how Funko Pop! Bitty Pops are so cute, so cool, and so small? Yeah, so do we! As soon as we got our first set, we immediately thought "Oh no, these are going to get lost, quick!" Bitty Pop boxes are only about 1 1/4" tall and 1" wide - and the figure inside is much smaller than that! They certainly could be easy to misplace. 

small bitty pops which are easy to lose and hard to display

Sure, Funko does include a stackable acrylic display case with each box of four Bitty Pops. Unfortunately, that option isn't great as the boxes can simply slide right out the front of it, and there's not a good way to attach that securely and safely to, say, your wall for display. 

So, to keep Bitty Pops safe and secure AND to display them in a unique, yet practical way, we've created four different options for your Bitty Pops!

Our Solutions

Our latest is the Stackable Bitty Pop Boxes display, which makes it super easy to display the full sets of Bitty Pops in one display. Each row holds four Bitty Pop boxes, and they are actually infinitely stackable! So if you have more and more you want to add to the same stack, you can! We sell them in sets of four rows to display up to 16 boxes, and you can take it from there. 

STACKABLE Floating Shelf for Bitty Pop Boxes - Display your Bitty Pops with this easy to use stackable shelf


We also have another option that's been really popular - the Stackable Combo Shelf for Bitty Pops which features a row in the back for the Bitty Pop box, and then a spot in front for the Bitty figure! That way you can display the figures, keep the box, and have them together in one spot! These are stackable too, so you can add as many as you have. 

STACKABLE Floating Shelf for Bitty Pop Sets Showcase your whole set, both your figures AND boxes in one convenient plac

If you haven't gone nuts on Bitty Pops yet, then we also have options for just displaying one set of four, either with the figure in the Bitty Pop box or out in front of the box

Bitty Pop Floating Display shelf for displaying Funko Mini Bitty Pops either in box or in front of box, easy to wall display

All of our options are available in multiple colors to fit whatever display you're creating - whether it's the popular white shelves, or you want some style in purple, we've got it! We also make all of our products in a durable PLA plastic material - this keeps each shelf lightweight and easy to wall mount with the included 3M command strips, and looking good! 

What Our Customers Say

These Superhero DIY options are truly the ultimate display solution for Funko Bitty Pops. Each allows collectors to showcase their entire set, including figures in-box, in a convenient and visually appealing way. We also make it really easy to create the display that you want with no limit of where you can put them!

We've gotten some great feedback from customers who've really put our shelves to the test! You can always read real reviews from customers on our Reviews page, but check out some of the reviews we've received on our Bitty Pop displays:

  • Camille F. - "The stands fit my bitty pops perfectly, and they look so good on my wall!"
  • Carol W. - "As described. Fast shipping. Great for display. They are on my dresser (not on the wall) and they don't tip and teh figures stay in place. Thank you!"
  • Michael - "Extremely pleased with this product. Thought I'd set up one kit and see how I felt about it after a while before setting up additional kits. Found myself just setting them all up right away instead. Now got all of my Bitty Pop sets displayed nicely — and securely where they do not all tumble out with the lightest furniture bump like they do with the stacks Funko provides. 100% recommend."

Personally, we've had our 16 Disney Princesses displayed on the Stackable Combo shelf for months - and we have that mounted with just ONE command strip! We have it on a small column on the wall, just about as wide as four Bitty Pop boxes, and it's honestly perfect! We love that you can just place these anywhere for a fun display. 

So, if you're looking to display your Bitty Pops and keep them safe, be sure to pick up one of these great options right here on

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