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Robin Logo Emblem/Badge and Belt Buckle

As my son has been trying to fight off the boredom of COVID-19 as well as prepare for an uncertain Halloween celebration, he's been coming up with all kinds of new costume ideas. One idea was to make a Robin costume from Teen Titans GO!, and he wanted me to make him an "R" Robin logo and belt buckle - so I did. 

robin teen titans go costume

I started by making the "R" logo that Robin wears on the top of his costume. I knew he wore it there because Robin almost always wears it there! I just quickly Google'd to see what it would look like, then got started modeling the design. This was fairly easy - all I had to do was trace that R, then extrude it into a 3D model. I added a circular background with a little "rim" around it, and added a bit of detail to the front of the R to really make it pop. 

robin logo emblem/badge


Next, the belt buckle. The bad news here is that I totally forgot to actually look at Teen Titans GO! Robin - if I had, I would have noticed that his belt buckle is a really simple circular design that would have taken like 2 minutes of work! Instead, I figured it was just the Robin "R" symbol and figured I could make a belt buckle out of it. 

I basically used the same design as the R emblem/badge, but put it onto an oval-shaped background with a wider yellow rim around it. Then for the actual buckle part, I made the back of it about 8mm wide with basically a hole in the middle for the belt! 

robin belt buckle

After printing out a few different versions and figuring out how the supports would work, I ended up with a design that I felt was unique but would also support a belt without issue:

robin logo belt buckle


I am often afraid that even though my designs look great when rendered, they sometimes don't print as nicely as I'd like. This was the case with my TDK Pouch with Flush-Hinge Lid. I LOVED my final design of it and it did work, I just can't seem to print it as cleanly as I'd like on my FDM printers. I guess I could buy a resin printer, or just have Shapeways or someone else do it. But I digress ... here's the printed belt buckle!

robin logo belt buckle


This piece did turn out REALLY well, and I'm proud to offer it to those looking for an extraordinarily super Robin costume! Check it out at

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