Content Policy

Things That are Prohibited on SuperheroDIY

Prohibited items on SuperheroDIY generally fall into two categories: weapons and obscenity. While no list can be comprehensive, the following do's and don't should help you understand our rules.

Weapons Do's

  1. SuperheroDIY does produce external accessories for guns and gun games (airsoft, paintball) that do not reproduce core functions. These include scopes, mounts, mono/bi/tripods, grips that do not integrate magazine wells, etc.
  2. SuperheroDIY does produce cosplay-type guns that cannot be reasonably confused with real life firearms.
  3. SuperheroDIY does produce knives, swords, and other weapons (subject to the laws regulating local users).
  4. SuperheroDIY does produce prop/cosplay knives and swords that might otherwise be prohibited by these rules if they are dull by design.
  5. SuperheroDIY does produce tools.

Weapons Don'ts

  1. SuperheroDIY does not produce guns, realistic gun replicas, or gun games (airsoft, paintball). This includes parts that make up guns or could be assembled into guns or realistic gun replicas (including grips with integrated magazine wells). It also includes parts whose manufacture is specifically regulated such as silencers/suppressors. Parts are anything that are required for the gun to load and fire a projectile safely. Gun replicas longer than 10cm are likely to be flagged for additional review. SuperheroDIY does not produce conversion kit parts for guns, gun replicas, or gun games.
  2. SuperheroDIY does not produce magazines for guns, gun replicas, or gun games.
  3. SuperheroDIY does not produce disguised blades (i.e. swords hidden in canes), switchblades (including hidden blades), gravity knives, or undetectable knives as defined by NY S4202.
  4. SuperheroDIY does not produce metal swords longer than 50 cm.
  5. SuperheroDIY does not produce throwing stars in metal.
  6. SuperheroDIY does not produce brass knuckles/knuckledusters.

Obscenity Do's

  1. SuperheroDIY does give designers who run afoul of the obscenity policy a chance to explain their models on artistic and/or expressive grounds.
  2. SuperheroDIY does strive to be transparent about how it interprets art and expression.

Obscenity Don'ts

  1. SuperheroDIY does not print models that embrace sexual violence.
  2. SuperheroDIY does not print models that focus on genitalia without a larger context or commentary.
  3. SuperheroDIY does not print models designed to denigrate living beings.
  4. SuperheroDIY does not print models that represent or endorse hate speech.
  5. SuperheroDIY does not print models that depict minors in a sexual manner.
  6. SuperheroDIY does not print models that depict sexual acts.