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6-Level Hexagon Display Riser for Collectibles

6-Level Hexagon Display Riser for Collectibles

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Introducing our six-level hexagon or honeycomb riser display for your collectibles! While this display riser works great for Funko Pops, there are all kinds of collectibles or items to display on it - let your imagination run wild!

Each hexagon measures 2.6" across.

This hexagon display stand has six spots for your collectibles, each at a different level. It's 3D-printed in durable PLA plastic and is available in multiple colors, whichever best fits your display!

Here are some other ways to use this amazing display option!

  • Funko Pops: As mentioned, this riser works great for displaying Funko Pops. You can showcase your favorite characters from movies, TV shows, or games.
  • Miniature Figurines: Display small figurines such as fantasy creatures, superheroes, or characters from tabletop games.
  • Collectible Coins: Arrange your collection of rare or commemorative coins in an eye-catching way on each level of the hexagon display stand.
  • Action Figures: Showcase action figures of your favorite heroes or characters from various genres.
  • Small Plants or Succulents: Bring a touch of nature to your display by placing small potted plants or succulents on each level.
  • Model Cars or Vehicles: Display a collection of miniature model cars, planes, or other vehicles.
  • Keychain Collection: If you have a variety of unique keychains, arrange them on the different levels for a visually appealing display.
  • LEGO Minifigures: Highlight your favorite minifigures in a creative and organized way.
  • Crystal or Gemstone Collection: Showcase your collection of crystals or gemstones, each on a different level for a beautiful and unique arrangement.
  • Small Art Pieces: Display miniature art pieces or sculptures that fit the size of each level.

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Ships FAST in the US via USPS! International customers - please see our eBay store for overseas shipping!

DO NOT EXPOSE TO HIGH HEAT - this plastic is sensitive to temperatures exceeding 150°F. To maintain, simply clean using soap and lukewarm water.


This is a 3D-printed plastic item. Due to variables inherent in the printing process, it may have blemishes, layer lines, and other defects and/or minor sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Sharp/rough edges can typically be smoothed with a heat gun or hair dryer, lightly softening the plastic then smoothing with a finger or other object.

That said, we work very hard to ensure that each item has a certain standard of quality. Please let us know if something is not up to snuff and we'll do our best to fix it!


We use durable PLA plastic for most of our items. Learn more about PLA here.

For automotive and other products that needs heat-resistance, we use PETG plastic.

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