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Baseball Holder Wall Mount | Floating Shelf for Baseball Display

Baseball Holder Wall Mount | Floating Shelf for Baseball Display

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Our remarkable 3D-printed baseball holder is now available and provides the ideal method for exhibiting your treasured baseball! Whether you've acquired a championship ball, caught one at a recent game, or are simply an ardent supporter of your beloved team, this holder is an essential accessory for any baseball enthusiast.

Created with the utmost precision and care, our baseball floating shelf is not only sleek and stylish, but also incredibly durable and sturdy, ensuring your ball remains intact and secure. Installing it is a breeze since you can easily mount it to any wall using the included command strip! If you want it more secure, mount it with a small screw (not included). 

Yet, that's not all - we recognize that each fan has their own distinct preferences and style, which is why our baseball holder is obtainable in various colors. Select the color that best complements your favorite team, or get in touch with us if you require a specific color that is not listed.

Show off your winning ball or your team's ball with pride by adding this amazing 3D-printed baseball holder to your collection today.




This is a 3D-printed, plastic item. Due to variables inherent in the printing process, it may have blemishes, layer lines, and other defects and/or minor sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Sharp/rough edges can typically be smoothed with a heat gun or hair dryer, lightly softening the plastic then smoothing with a finger or other object.

That said, we work very hard to ensure that each item has a certain standard of quality. Please let us know if something is not up to snuff and we'll do our best to fix it!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Petra (Ashburn, US)

This is perfect for a field hockey ball as well!


Quality and consistent build. They were just what I was looking for! I did have to trim the back mounting area to fit my project so thinner would be a nice option but durability wise I think the way they are is best.


Perfect! Just placed another order!