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  • Cap TFA Rear Lower Buckle - SuperheroDIY
  • Cap TFA Rear Lower Buckle - SuperheroDIY
  • Cap TFA Rear Lower Buckle - SuperheroDIY
  • Cap TFA Rear Lower Buckle - SuperheroDIY
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Cap TFA Rear Lower Buckle

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This is a 3D printed rear lower buckle inspired by the Captain America: The First Avenger movie.

This piece is great for any Captain America costume or cosplay! Can be sanded and painted if needed. This buckle is designed to be wide enough for webbing/straps one the back of the TFA costume. See pictured example of the buckle shown on the Hot Toys figure for reference. This is the perfect accessory to make your Captain America costume stand out! Make sure to check out the other Captain America costume / cosplay accessories for sale on my shop!

Current dimensions are 3.1" x 3.7" x .6" This buckle will fit up toa 54mm or 2.1 inches wide strap. However, we can scale it larger/smaller for you depending on your need.

Note that while it has been designed thicker for strength, this is still a costume piece and is breakable. Please take care with this accessory.

Ships FAST anywhere in the US via USPS.

Rear Harness Buckle:
Rear Lower Harness Buckle:
Belt Buckle:
Miscellaneous Strap Buckles:
Chest and Shoulder Star Set:

For a version printed in metal, please see my Shapeways shop at

Also please keep in mind this is a fan art, not an official model. We do not claim any ownership of the character or the 3D model we use. We only charge for the 3D-printing services and the finishing work. Thank you!

DISCLAIMER: This is a 3D-printed plastic item. As such, it may have blemishes and other defects and/or sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Should not be used or handled by children without parent supervision.

This product is in no way related or in in affiliation with Marvel Comics or related properties whatsoever.

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Tim B.
Yet another amazing piece from SuperheroDI...

Yet another amazing piece from SuperheroDIY that adds amazing detail and accuracy to my suit. Have ordered three pieces from this seller, and all are equally excellent.