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Floating Shelves for Amiibo Accessories | Comes with command strips! No Screws No Drilling | Display Shelf for Nintendo Amiibo

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This 3D-printed floating stand is perfect for displaying your Amiibo accessories in a way that makes them stand out! Love to store your Amiibos and collect them, but make sure they look good out of the box and displayed in all their glory? These are a great way to show off your collection!

This floating shelf is designed specifically for Nintendo Amiibo accessories. The Amiibo fits perfectly right in the round base, securely held in place. These floating shelves are easily mounted to the wall using a 3M command strip (included). The main body of the stand is mostly hidden from view behind the Amiibo, but is sturdy enough to hold and display your collectible securely!

3D-printed with a clean, smooth finish in earth-friendly PLA plastic. Each stand measures 2" wide x 2.25" long x 2" tall.

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Ships FAST in the US via USPS!

Get more Command strips if you need em!

This is a 3D-printed, plastic item. Due to variables inherent in the printing process, it may have blemishes, layer lines, and other defects and/or minor sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Sharp/rough edges can typically be smoothed with a heat gun or hair dryer, lightly softening the plastic then smoothing with a finger or other object.

That said, we work very hard to ensure that each item has a certain standard of quality. Please let us know if something is not up to snuff and we'll do our best to fix it!

Materials: Earth friendly durable PLA plastic, 3M Command Strip.

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Pablo M.

Thanks a lot! They hold my amiibos perfectly!