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IKEA MICKE desk hole cover | Fits right into open wiring hole | Multiple colors

IKEA MICKE desk hole cover | Fits right into open wiring hole | Multiple colors

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This is a 3D-printed hole cover / hole cap that fits into the wiring hole of IKEA MICKE desk (if you do not use it for wires ...). Really simple, easy, and clean way to cover up and cap off that annoying hole, especially if you don't need that HUGE hole for a lamp wire!

This cap covers the hole but still has a smaller hole for smaller wires, and can be removed if you need to pull it out and rearrange things.

Can be printed in your color of choice. Also makes a great home organization gift for that young one in your life with this desk.

3D-printed in durable PLA plastic. 

Design credit to Y4kk0@Thingiverse:



This is a 3D-printed, plastic item. Due to variables inherent in the printing process, it may have blemishes, layer lines, and other defects and/or minor sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Sharp/rough edges can typically be smoothed with a heat gun or hair dryer, lightly softening the plastic then smoothing with a finger or other object.

That said, we work very hard to ensure that each item has a certain standard of quality. Please let us know if something is not up to snuff and we'll do our best to fix it!

Materials: Earth friendly durable PLA plastic.


We use durable PLA plastic for most of our items. Learn more about PLA here.

For automotive and other products that needs heat-resistance, we use PETG plastic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Una (Ashburn, US)

Sturdy and well designed, thoughtful packaging, and an exact fit re: our IKEA desk. Thank you!

K.W. (Ashburn, US)

It fit perfectly in my IKEA desk. Very happy with my purchase.

Delpha A. (Ashburn, US)

It's is exactly the right fit and super helpful so all my stuff stops falling down the hole.

Creola B. (Ashburn, US)

Perfect fit for my Ikea table - I am using the Micke desk as a table to eat at and this piece perfectly covers the cord hole to make it more functional in my studio apartment.

Chiyu T. (Ashburn, US)

works perfectly and arrived super fast!

Sarah B. (Ashburn, US)


Rafael M. (Ashburn, US)

Good material and perfectly fits the hole in the desk.

Jorge M. (Ashburn, US)

Awesome fits perfect in our ikea desk. Thank you.

Jessica C. (Ashburn, US)

Perfect! Perfect! Perfect!
This is SO well made. It fit perfectly in my desk as a replacement to that huge hole that made zero sense.

I bought the solid one & I'm SUPER happy. Also, the shipping was very, very FAST!!!!

Cassandra C. (Ashburn, US)

Fit perfectly & looks amazing!