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Replacement Button Cap for Kenmore Washer / Dryer

Replacement Button Cap for Kenmore Washer / Dryer

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This "soft" button on our front-loading Kenmore washing machine has been breaking down for the last few years, but finally broke off. There doesn't appear to be a simple way to replace it as this button is actually supposed to be attached to the front of the washer.

So, when my wife asked me to fix it, I decided it was time to create a Replacement Button Cap for Kenmore Washer / Dryer. If mine can be fixed, so can yours!

This Replacement Button Cap for Kenmore Washer / Dryer is compatible with front-loading Kenmore clothes washing machines (washers) and dryers. Also works on EpicZ Maytag washers.

3D-printed in biodegradable silver PLA plastic.

While it protrudes a bit from the front of the washer, the Replacement Button Cap for Kenmore Washer / Dryer should stay in place without any extra glue and be durable enough to last another 10 years. Just push this replacement cap on the white "nub" on the front of your washer or dryer, and voilà! This is a quick fix for your washer or dryer.


We use durable PLA plastic for most of our items. Learn more about PLA here.

For automotive and other products that needs heat-resistance, we use PETG plastic.

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Customer Reviews

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Megan E. (Bellevue, US)
Better quality than the original

Both my power buttons had lost their original plastic cover - washer and dryer. It looked sad and bugged me! Found a you tube video and not only did they have a suggestion for replacement - I could also buy from them!!! Very well priced including shipping and buttons arrived within days. Just popped them in and they look professional. I did need to add a little glue as suggested in the video but this will only make them fit better. This whole experience has put a smile on my face - had a need, someone had a solution and the internet brought us together. I have saved this website and will definitely look here first the next time I need help with those items you are not sure even exist.

Mirenda R. (Ashburn, US)


Roberta K. (Ashburn, US)

These were exactly what we needed! They fit into the washer and dryer exactly as they should have. I will have to order two more when the other (start) buttons wear out like the on/off buttons did. Highly recommend!