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Mini Trashcan - a Simple Desktop Trash Can, Desk Organizer or Candy Holder, or gag gift!

Mini Trashcan - a Simple Desktop Trash Can, Desk Organizer or Candy Holder, or gag gift!

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Sharpie for scale!

Need to throw stuff away, but don't need a huge trash can? Well this little desktop trashcan is perfect for you! It's small enough to not be in the way, but large enough to catch whatever you want to toss! It's a mini trashcan you can use for anything! Use it as a pencil holder, a place to stash candy as your tabletop candy holder, use it as a gift-giving gag, whatever!

3D-printed in durable, earth-friendly PLA plastic material. Available in multiple colors and sizes. Get the pack that works for you!

Large: 5" tall by 4.5" wide
Medium: 4" tall by 3.5" wide
Small: 3" tall by 2.6" wide

Design credit to CAR@printables:
This is a 3D-printed, plastic item. Due to variables inherent in the printing process, it may have blemishes, layer lines, and other defects and/or minor sharp, small pieces of plastic which can be harmful if not handled properly. Sharp/rough edges can typically be smoothed with a heat gun or hair dryer, lightly softening the plastic then smoothing with a finger or other object.

That said, we work very hard to ensure that each item has a certain standard of quality. Please let us know if something is not up to snuff and we'll do our best to fix it!

Materials: Earth friendly durable PLA plastic.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
Adah P. (Ashburn, US)

The item matched the description. Perfect for my mini Oscar the Grouch display

Rashawn T. (Ashburn, US)

It was a very nice trash can

Domenico V. (Ashburn, US)

Works great on the desk

Domenico V. (Ashburn, US)

Ordered this along with another. Great quality

Lou K. (Ashburn, US)

Love the quality. Will be back to order from again.

Idell H. (Ashburn, US)

Excellent quality and the perfect size! It will be used to train an exceptionally intelligent rehabilitated fish crow to throw out trash for educational demonstrations.

Vaughn N. (Ashburn, US)

This is exactlly what I was looking for! Thank you so much! It is proudly on my counter where It needs to be :)

Jason H. (Ashburn, US)


Brian D. (Ashburn, US)

Great little trash can for diorama projects!

Gina W. (Ashburn, US)

Exactly what I needed for an inside joke gift.. thank you!!!